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By Hedley Brook-Carter on 04 November 2022
My wife Helena and I recently ordered our first pack of cards from Simply Sue.
To say that we are delighted with them is an understatement.
They are colourful, well designed and feature a wide variety of original, amusing and interesting themes.
Highly recommended!
By Wendy Coggan on 10 July 2021
I was really pleased to be able to buy some of Sue’s artwork as greetings cards as it enables me to spread the love! Great quality cards and really prompt service, thank you.
By Emma Marsh on 08 July 2021
Just a message to say thank you for the greetings cards. I love how each card is so different, yet they are all so detailed.

A beautiful range of happy, colourful cards! Very good quality, I will definitely order again.
By Nicola Field on 05 July 2021
Just wanted to say how much i love the cards you sent me.. all different with your unique imagination bringing them to life. Will definitely buy more.
By Deb on 04 July 2021
I was delighted with the Greetings Cards I purchased from you.
Your art work is captivating, uplifting and always makes me smile. To see it transfered into cards that I could send to friends as birthday or anniversary greetings was brilliant.
As well as the lovely artwork the quality of the cards is great and they are so reasonably priced.
Thanks again and keep up the good work, will definitely buy more in the future.

Best wishes Deb
By Alex on 15 June 2021
These are beautiful designs , completely unique and individual, on good quality card , suitable for all ages and tastes.
Blank inside so can be used for any message. Great value for money.
By Lisa Sims on 29 May 2021
Love these Happy , colourful range of cards that instantly make you smile and you can feel the love of animals and nature shinning through in the pictures.
By Lindsey Park on 28 May 2021
I started seeing Sue's artwork on her Facebook page and I found her drawings to be original, quirky and cheerful. When I found out she was making them into greeting cards I was over the moon and ordered some straight away! I've given them to close family members and they have loved them too. Thanks so much, Sue! They make us all smile
By Amanda Canning on 28 May 2021
I ordered a pack of greetings cards off sue- after seeing her posts on Facebook.
I had no idea what I was going to get.. and each one is absolutely perfect! The cards are good quality- not cheap flexible rubbish, and the drawings perfect. Each one filled with love and compassion. Off the back of her drawings I have also had a framed print which is pride of place on my kitchen wall.
Each picture is unique and tells a story. Colourful and well drawn- even the cards are worth of being mounted.
Thank you sue- your talent knows no bounds and you have cheered many people up with it. You truly have a wonderful gift.
I shall be ordering more!
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